1:1 manual surf ratio

Traffic Exchange

How it works...

Here at manual surf we use a 1:1 manual surf ratio. You are required to view each of our members web sites for a minimum of 5 seconds. Once the surf timer has finished and you correctly click the right image the traffic exchange system will deposit 1 manual surf credits into your account.

Cash & Credit Prize's

We run surf prizes with unlimited takes! as you manual surf for advertising credits you will be given the oppertunity to click surfbar links that offer cash and credit prizes.

Affordable & Profitable

We offer inexpensive advertising ratio start as low as $0.15 per thousand hits.

attach_moneyPaid to Click

You can earn cash simply by viewing advertisements that we display.

play_arrowTraffic Exchange

Hundreds of ads to earn from daily, just surf, look and earn. Better than PTC!

group PTSU Offers

Get Paid to sign up and complete offers is another great way to earn money online

done_all Win-win situation

We are experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment.

code Anti-Cheat

We use a very strong system to ensure that clicks are made by real people

local_grocery_store Cheap Advertising

We've reduced our advertising prices so ad credits can be used for Paid to Promote

Different ways to advertise

We offer inexpensive advertising ratio start as low as $0.15 per thousand hits.


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